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Far too many people accused of crimes will accept the first plea offer made by the State.  In many cases, they accept the plea offer for probation or prison time.  Once they are on probation or parole, however, they have difficulty complying with the terms of that probation or parole and end up facing a Motion to Adjudicate, Motion to Revoke, or Parole Revocation hearing.

The consequences for these issues are very serious and can involve a return to jail or prison for lengthy periods of time.  Often what clients need is advice on how to begin complying so that by the time of the hearing, they can make a persuasive case for being kept on probation or parole.

If you are facing a Motion to Adjudicate, Motion to Revoke Probation, or a Parole Revocation hearing, contact me at 713.665.4400 to schedule an initial consultation.

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